Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Brother Printers Rise: PCWorld's 2010 Reliability & Service Survey

Brother Printers got the nod of PCWorld readers in terms of reliability & customer support and continued its ascent to being the top printer brand.

In PC World's most recent survey for printers, Brother printers matched perennial leader Canon on five reliability criteria garnering better than average ratings from respondents. At the same time, it (Brother) got improved marks on 4 service measures. Starting in 2009, Brother printers have already been cited by this annual poll as a reliable brand vis-a-vis Canon printers. Its improvement in customer support this year marks its emergence as Canon's closest challenger in overall printer market dominance.

PCWorld annually asks its readers which tech companies come out with the best products and provide the best customer service. The survey aims to find out from readers what are the best desktops, laptops, smart phones & wireless providers, HDTVs, Printers and Cameras. In short, tech brands that the readers trust.

On the printer category, Canon continues to generally lord it over but Brother is now just close by. The survey is a further testament that Brother printers are wise choices for home & office printing solutions.

Take Brother printers' reliability to the next level by considering remanufactured Brother toners as replacement toners. Original toner cartridges are still expensive to this day and can certainly affect the frequency with which you use your Brother printers.

Remanufactured laser toner cartridges can provide the same print quality and page yield at much, much affordable price. Cheaper toner cost translate to more printing. And it is even good for the environment.

Make the most of Brother printers' reliability by using equally reliable and quality remanufactured Brother toners as replacement toners.

Image via PCWorld Facebook Photos.

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