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Yes, your guest posts are welcome here!

Printers and Inks Blog invites all bloggers and writers who love to write articles about printers, printing tips, printer cartridges, current industry news and the articles about anything under the printing industry. If you got what it takes to write quality content then we ask you to submit your own, unique article to us.

How can you submit a guest post to Printers and Inks?

Here are the guidelines:
1.    Posts must be 400-600 words.
2.    It must be an original post, not posted anywhere or on other sites.
3.    Content must be about: (a.) printers and printing tips, (b) printer cartridges (e.g. ink cartridges/toner cartridges) tips, (c) sustainability, (d) printer supplies, (e) saving tips and (f) latest news in the printing industry.

Attached your article/content/post on an e-mail together with a short description of yourself where you can put up to links maximum. Attaching image files for your content will be a big help too. So what are you waiting for?

Note: Submitting a guest post does not guarantee it will be published at Printers and Inks. Publishing will be based on the quality of your content.


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