Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Printer Ink

For the printers we have now grown accustomed to print something, it needs an ink. While there are inkless type printers, this blog will try to cover only the types that uses ink because it is what is commonly used.

the printer ink - inkjet cartridgeFor inkjet printers, the ink is inside ink cartridges. During the printing process, you can see the cartridge moving along the paper as the ink is spread to produce the image or the text being printed. It is the one we replace whenever our printers ran out of ink.

Toner cartridges are analogous to inkjet cartridges in the sense that they are consumables. It holds the chemical called toner which is what we see on the paper after the printing process.

Without ink or toner inside these cartridges, no pixel or mere dot will be laid on paper.


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