Tuesday, November 16, 2010

5 Printer Videos To Make Your Printing Lighter for Today

Dealing with printers routinely can be boring. But some printer jokes or printer videos can change the way we look at them, make them cool and fun. And ultimately, make them a tool much easier to work with.

Read on and take a look at these 5 funny printer videos.

Let's start with this entertaining animated printer video.

Now, the next printer video is something we can relate too. No matter how the printer messes up your task or your day, please, oh please, I beg you. Do not take it to the extreme like this man.

Now, let the stress be washed by this printer video featuring this kid's contagious chortle over printers. If printing could just be like the one he saw... all the time.

Let's continue to laugh with this creative Lexmark printer commercial video.

And for good measure, just this last printer video. Cat can be wisecracks too!

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I hope this 5 printer videos made your printing and your day lighter!

Videos via YouTube
Image via clipproject

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