Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hewlett Packard ePrint - Print anywhere, anytime you want to

The industry is abuzz with the latest set of printers recently launched by printer giant HP and its ePrint solutions. HP's new set of printers eliminates the need for a PC. Content from the internet or an internet-enabled device can be emailed and be printed directly to the nearest printer.

Counting on the need by people on the go, HP offers a solution when a print-out is wanted and the the person is in transit. Inside the office or at home, printing out something is not a big deal. But in transit, there are still many occasions where emergency print-out may be needed. This is where HP's new product comes in.

Each of these new printers will be given a specific e-mail address. So, any document to be printed such as plane tickets, coupons, or any important documents needed in a business meeting, can be sent via e-mail to one of these HP printers and be printed immediately or be scheduled on a later time. And it may come directly from the internet, smartphones, tablets and netbooks without additional set-ups or proxies.

HP is adapting Apples strategy in supplying a gadget and then offer apps for that gadget to be more useful. Applications can be customized in these new printers. Owners can create and then share it easily. HP's tie-up with major content providers affords users to access the information they want and share that in printed form easily. HP also has tie up with printonthego that has a network of printer like in hotels, all the more giving users the chance to print something anytime and anywhere they want or need to using their blackberry or any other internet-abled device.

HP ingeniously addresses a need and at the same time pushes its products in the market - laser printers and laser toner cartridges. If the businesses and consumers embrace this idea, then HP is ensured a continous demand for replacement toner cartridges, of raking in the profits. Even advertising via the network of printers are being explored by HP through Yahoo.

I wouldn't be surprised if other printer makers will follow suit.

Watch this video.

As for the remanufactured laser toner cartridge industry's take on this development? As long as people print, there will always be a need for cheaper laser toner cartridges.

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