Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thinking Printer Cartridge as Earth Day nears

Earth Day will once again be celebrated this year on April 22, 2010. This is a most opportune time to remind every business or home using printer cartridges of its impact to the environment.

Printer cartridges houses the ink or toner we use in printing our documents. The ink and toner are consumables but what happens to the cartridge when it becomes empty. Oftentimes, it is thrown away despite the enormous media mileage of recycling and environmental conservation awareness.

Printer cartridges are made up mostly of plastic that takes years to decompose. When the cartridges are thrown, it just fill up our landfill. Imagine how many homes, schools and businesses using printers and printer cartridges? That means millions of empty cartridges that, if not properly addressed, can ultimately pose danger to our already deteriorating environment.

Steven Yeffa, President of Cartridge World Americas said. " ... we look forward to the day when reusing and refilling cartridgesis as common as separating waster materials in our homes." I totally agree.

One good about cartridge is that they can be recycled, or better yet, refilled or rebuilt (remanufactured) to be reused in printing. So, the solution is to participate in ensuring that empty cartridges don't end up just lying around our garbage bins.

Surrendering them to recycling programs is a start. Refilling it yourself or thru a refilling station does a lot more good not only for the environment but to your budget as well. You are practically conserving natural resources that is used in manufacturing new cartridges.

Patronizing remanufactured laser toner cartridges or ink cartridges is another way of supporting the idea. But be sure that your empty cartridge goes back to remanufacturers. Some of them even buy them back. Trust only legitimate remanufacturers and sellers and verify their legitimacy as much as you can.

Ink refilling stations are growing. Remanufacturers of printer cartridges are perfecting their processes day by day. Even printer manufacturers take back empty cartridges.

Whichever way you prefer, please remember Earth everytime you remove that empty printer cartridge from your printer.

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