Thursday, March 25, 2010

HP CE252A Toner

The yellow toner cartridge in HP Color LaserJet CM3530 & CP3525 MFP printers is called the HP CE252A toner. Among the three color cartridges, yellow is easily the most recognizable being a primary color.

HP CM3530/CP3525 printers prides itself with HP colorsphere technology. HP CE252A plays a good part together with the cyan and magenta color cartridges in producing colorful graphics, images and documents. Standard capacity of color cartridges for this specific HP model is at 7000. Replacement CE252A toners is much needed by businesses who utilize color-intensive documents. Businesses involved in the publishing, advertising and marketing easily comes to mind.

Original toner cartridges obviously can be obtained from HP or from its authorized resellers. But for those with budget constraints, opting for compatible or remanufactured toner cartridges isn't really a bad deal. It's been a while since these printers and its cartridges were made. Technology and experience has definitely improved the performance of compatible or remanufacture versions of HP CE252A toners.

Storing replacement toners for any color printers is a sound business decision in ensuring continous printing. The cheaper the toner cartridge, the more it is possible for storage. Also, buying HP CM3530/CP3525 cartridges in sets or in bulk can bring more savings. Resellers often has promos or discounts for bulk or set orders. It is always wise to first verify legitimacy, customer support and return/warranty policies of resellers specially when buying cartridges online.

Quality enjoyed by using HP CM3525 or HP CP3530 laser printers and its cartridges like CE252A toner could be more awesome if it extends the budget.

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