Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cut Laser Toner or Ink Cartridge Cost

Every dollar or penny saved counts a lot in these hard economic times we're in. More so, office personnel or even those that print only at their home's convenience will surely love to cut on cost of printer consumables like inks and laser toners.

Here are a few ways to continue printing your office requirement or printing to your heart's content without drying up your budget.

1. For everyday office documents or home use only, you can set the printer on draft mode or economy. This is a good start to cut on printer supplies cost.

2. Only use large fonts or bold attributes when it is truly necessary on the document you are printing.

3. Get some money back out of your used laser toner or ink cartridges. There are many online retailers that buy used cartridge. There maybe one in your area. Doing so, also help the environment.

4. If you cringe at the price of original inks or laser toner, you have the option to buy the compatible ones for your printer cos they are much cheaper. Exercise caution that the one you buy is really compatible to the printer brand and model you use.

5. Remanufactured ink or laser toner cartridges is also an alternative to pricey OEM ink. These are the ones that are recycled, reprocessed and refilled with ink. The cartridges you give to recyclers become remanufactured ones - you've had another contribution in saving the environment.

6. If you have the luxury of being online often, take the chance to look for coupons and discounts on printing supplies websites. Often times you get this coupons by signing up in their newsletters.

7. Another way to save on printing supplies is by patronizing suppliers with price match programs. There are online retailers that reward customers when they found the item they bought to be cheaper somewhere else.

These are just but a few ways to cut on printing supplies cost link ink or laser toner.

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