Monday, February 22, 2010

Understanding Laser Toner Cartridge and Its Types

Laser printers nowadays have become the printer of choice for most businesses and homes because of its speed and affordability. Along with the demand for laser printer is the need for laser toner cartridges. Laser toner cartridge is the storage receptacle for toners.

During laser printing operation, data is converted to electric signals that activate the lasers towards a part called drum; the toner is then coated to the drum which rolls over the paper. The images or texts will now be imprinted on the paper. Continued use of the laser printer will used up the toner. When it is finally empty, the laser toner cartridge is removed to be replaced by a new one.
laser toner cartridgeAs a replacement for the empty cartridge, consumers can choose from OEM, compatible or remanufactured types.

The OEM or original equipment manufacturer cartridges are those offered by the manufacturer of your printer. If you are using a printer from HP, an OEM toner cartridge is the one made and sold by HP. Often, this type is expensive. Printer manufacturers gain more profit from the sale of printing consumables such as toner cartridges than the actual sale of the printer unit.

The compatible cartridge are new ones manufactured by third -party companies. As an example again, this type will still work with a canon laser printer although it is not made by Canon company.

The remanufactured type are used cartridges that are disassembled, removed of worn or defective parts, cleaned, replaced with new parts, reassembled, refilled with toner, packaged, tested for quality and sold on the market. This type will also work for your laser printer.

Laser printers have now become affordable because of the many kinds and brands offered in the market. Consumers tend to spend more on paper and toner replacement than the actual cost of the printer. Naturally, they would want to save on these two consumables.

Fortunately, consumers have other types of laser toner cartridges as an option aside from OEMs. Compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges are made to perform at par with OEMs in terms of print quality and quantity. Using the latter two also should not void warranty for the printer units.

Consumers can look over the internet and find lots of businesses offering all types of laser toner cartridges. There might be a little time needed and some effort to find a legitimate seller of quality laser toner cartridges but I guess during these times of cutting costs, it is worth the trouble.

Consumers can check out Laser Toner Cartridge Specialist for all types of premium quality toner cartridges at very affordable prices.

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