Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Power Save on Your Printers

Printers or mulitifunction office machines consumes the most power in an office next to computers. Power saved from printers will count a lot towards achieveing an energy-efficient workplace.

Here are some tips to save power from your printers.

1. Minimize printer use by printing only when it is absolutely necessary. Documents may be saved on hard drives or may be emailed so that it can be read directly from the monitor.

2. If the printer has a power save feature, or however it is called, use it as frequently as possible.

3. Completely switch off printers and copiers at night or in off-workdays. These devices continue to consume enery even if turned off if left plugged in the electricity outlets.

4. Place your printers in areas with good amount of ventilation to so that the heat generated will be lessened and the air-conditioning will be less used.

5. Regular maintenance of the printer unit help in keeping it in optimal performance. Some printers even have maintenance features even for its ink cartridges and print heads.

6. When buying a printer, assess if an inkjet printer can do all your needs. Laser printers consumes more power than inkjet printers.

7. Consider also if buying multifunction machines or all-in-ones. Doing so will limit the number of devices plugged in and consuming power.

8. Look for machines with the energy star logo or with advance power management capabilities.
Saving power from printers or any other energy-dependent devices is not only environmentally cool but a savvy business practice. While it is impossible not to rely on these machines for our businesses, we can apply some effective ways in order that we get the most out of them, save money and even be socially responsible.


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