Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Managed Printing Services

Managed Printing Services or MPS is an outsourcing service wherein imaging and printing requirements of a certain business is delegated to third-party providers.

A study cited that as much as 10% of the total IT budget is alloted to printing costs. It is not surprising therefore that businesses which continue to implement cost-reduction measures to try to avail of this kind of printing services.

By availing of MPS, business delegate their printing requirement to established industry giants like HP and Xerox. MPS providers, meanwhile, evaluate the existing hardware and printing systems and then recommend solutions that will optimize the whole printing process.

Solutions vary from replacing hardware assets or just optimizing the existing printing systems. The main objective is to maximize resources, eliminate printing waste & redundant machines and improve the overall printing system.

With MPS, businesses who avail of this kind service will no longer worry about their printing needs and just focus on other more pressing aspects of their business.

In the past, business buy printers and copiers on their own depending on their needs and budget. After which they contend with expenses on paper, printer cartridges both ink cartridge and laser toner cartridges and machine repair and maintenance. For machines to be used by the most number of employers possible, networking and hardware compatibility issues are also faced.

By availing managed printing services, businesses not only saves significant amount of money but also allows the IT department to be free of additional burden like printing.

Managed printing services help the printing industry cope up with the lingering effects of last year recession. MPS providers enjoy a much needed revenue source in an otherwise slow 2009 economy.


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