Friday, July 17, 2009

Types of Toner Cartridges

There are three types of Toner Cartridges.

They are the OEMs, the compatible and the remanufactured. When a laser printer run out of toner, printer users need to choose among the three which is the best for their need and budget.

The OEM or original equipment manufacturer cartridges are those offered by the manufacturer of your printer themselves. If you are using a printer from HP, an OEM toner cartridge is the one made and sold by HP. Oftentimes this is the most expensive type. Printer manufacturers profit more from the sale of OEM inks and toners than from the sale of the printer unit itself.

A compatible cartridge are new cartridges that are ones manufactured by third -party companies. For example, Compatible Black Inkjet Cartridge Replaces HP C4844A from Color Toner Expert is a compatible replacement to HP 10, HP 11, and HP 12.

The remanufactured type are used cartridges that are disassembled, removed of worn or defective parts, cleaned, replaced with new parts, reassembled, refilled with toner, packaged, tested for quality and sold on the market. Depending on the toner cartridge that is reused, this type will also work for compatible laser printer models.


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